Marty Sobel had dust on the brain.

A retired engineer with over twenty patents to his name, he was tired of wasting money on disposable shop vacuum filters. The usual DIY fix – a nylon stocking – clogged too quickly. A world moving toward sustainability needed something that captured dust and reduced landfill waste.

One winter morning he cut the leg off a pair of thermal underwear, went to his shop, and pulled the material over a shop vacuum filter.

The first FilterPal prototype was complete.

Over the next couple of years, Marty tested dozens of materials. He discovered one that protected the OEM filter without significant suction loss. His simple, straightforward solution is growing in popularity with the DIY community.

Marty died in 2019. His son, David, is keeping his legacy alive. FilterPal is available for every size shop vacuum filter, with more uses on the way.