FilterPal® Filter

The Dust Stops here!™

FilterPal® Filter Covers & Protects Your Shop Vacuum Filter - So you won't need to buy another one! 


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Stop wasting money on shop vacuum filters! Get your reusable filter to cover and protect your paper filters!

The Dust Stops Here with FilterPal®!


I have a Filterpal on each of my shop vacuums. I have been using them for about 6 months now and can say they are fantastic. They save my filters from being clogged by the super fine dust (the really harmful stuff). They are a fantastic product and will continue to use them in my shop. Thanks for making an awesome real-world product!

– Steve Clyde, sc_creates

So Thankful for my Filterpal prefilters! We are not only saving money and time by not having to replace our filters, but also extending the life of our vacuums as well. We breathe easier now in the shop while getting stuff done!

– David Hopkins, Tough Guys TV, toughguystv


FilterPal ® prefilters help make your shop vacuum filter last and last.

  • FilterPal ® filters reduce overall shop vacuum dust emissions by 50%
  • They save money by extending wet/dry vacuum filter life.
  • FilterPal ® filters are environmentally friendly -- they’re machine washable and reusable.

FilterPal’s ® patent pending filter technology captures drywall, cement particles and household dust without a drop in suction.*

Never buy a shop vac filter again! FilterPal ® prefilters are testing in an NVLAP accredited lab.

*Collection of tiny particles may result in decreased suction power. Keep FilterPal ® clean to maintain full efficacy. Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, and reuse.

Buy Your FilterPal® Filter Today!

Environmental Impact

FilterPal® Filter is a washable, reusable, non-disposable product, that helps keep throw-away shop vacuum filters out of landfills. It can be cleaned and regenerated to its original efficacy and reused many, many times.

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Give FilterPal® Filters a Try

If, for any reason one of our two different sizes do not fit your shop vacuum, please contact us for a money back guarantee within 30 days, no questions asked!

It's so Easy to use! It's reusable too!


You take the FilterPal® Filter


Place Over Your Filter in Your Shop Vacuum


Vacuum as Usual

Featured product

FilterPal®pre-filter  - The Dust Stops Here!™
  • FilterPal® covers and protects shop vacuum filters
  • It fits standard 5 to 20 gallon filters in 6 to 16 gallon shop vacuums
  • Reusable and machine washable
  • The elastic seal decreases the amount of dust escaping into the air
  • Never use a Filterpal® without an OEM cartridge filter


    I was a little skeptical of the FilterPal prefilter, but it really did keep the dust off my filter without a noticeable change in suction.

    – Aaron Alton, Aaron Alton Woodworking aaronaltonwoodworking

    I was replacing my filter monthly but since I’ve been using FilterPal I’m still using the same filter with no loss of performance!

    – Mark DiLascio, Dilascio Woodworks, dilascio_woodworks


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