The Dust Stops Here!

FilterPal® is the original, three-dimensional shop vacuum filter cover. Its washable, reusable material captures drywall dust, pet hair and other fine particulates one micron and above. It reduces overall dust emissions from shop vacuums by 50%, with little to no suction loss. Invented and Third Party Tested in the U.S.A.

Environmental Impact

FilterPal® Filter is a washable, reusable, non-disposable product, that helps keep throw-away shop vacuum filters out of landfills. It can be cleaned and regenerated to its original efficacy and reused many, many times.

The shop vac was acting a little slow so we opened it up and found a ton of sawdust. The FilterPal kept all of the dust away.


My FilterPal is definitely working hard with all this red Cedar dust/shavings since I don't have dust collection in my shop.