FilterPal® Filter



Micron Sizes

What size microns does Filterpal catch?

Filterpal captures particulate 0.7 microns and above. This includes drywall dust, cement particles, and some allergens. This article provides more information about particle sizes.

Is there suction drop?

All pre-filters cause suction drop, but Filterpal’s is barely noticeable. If significant suction drop occurs, it means your Filterpal is capturing large amounts of tiny particulates and needs to be cleaned.

Are these claims backed by independent testing?

Yes. FitlerPal was tested in an NVLP accredited lab. For more information, email

FilterPal Product Information

Is FitlerPal reusable?

Yes. As long you don’t tear it or punch it full of holes, your Filterpal should last for many years.

How do I wash it?

We recommend dampening Filterpal, then throwing it in the wash. If you dust off a dry pre-filter, wear a mask or respirator to avoid breathing in particles.

What’s the difference between orange and green?

The color. We are moving to one color for FilterPal to avoid confusion.

What is Filterpal HD?

Filterpal HD (high density) is our largest Filterpal. Its new name is Filterpal L (large). We recommend it for high capacity shop-vacs, 16-gallons and above. 

What is Filterpal FP1?

Filterpal FP1 is our medium sized pre-filter. Its new name is Filterpal M (Medium).

Why is my Filterpal taller than its corresponding OEM filter?

The more fabric you have, the more dust your pre-filter will catch. A fitted pre-filter might look nice, but it would need to be washed more frequently.

Will Filterpal work with wet particles?

No. Filterpal is for dry use only.

Can I use Filterpal without an OEM filter?

No. Filterpal is a pre-filter that fits over your OEM filter.